ROOM N° 06



Studio NACRT is a group of highly educated interior and furniture designers with rich experience, who specializes in 3d modeling, 3d visualization and designing of interiors as well as furniture. While designing, we particularly focus upon the role of details and in the same way of what can be used in terms of selected available materials.  We believe in the power of materials like stone, concrete, wood and glass, whose unique nature defines the entire space defying stereotypes. Timeless effect is also achieved by careful adjustments of lighting. It is one of the key aspects of a good project. We can convey the lighting by creating various light moods for every single area, according to the investor’s needs.

The years of experience and challenges have helped us to develop the proven methodology of designing. This implies a constant need for studying the relations between form and function. Free thinking and deep understanding of designing processes help us to create an interesting, bold and original concept.

Why do we appreciate simplicity? Because, Leonardo Da Vinci once said – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” We are minimalists who strongly believe in simple, but not necessarily easy solutions. We offer interior solutions for private houses and apartments, commercial spaces like stores, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels etc. We are able to provide a professional design solution, main project, 3d model, monitoring and conducting of the entire project. Our goal is to constantly improve our skills in the field of digital visualizations, in order to provide a high level of service in 3d industry showing your and our ideas as realistically as possible. 



70 sqm
The suite spa is composed by a living, sleeping area and a bathroom area that is equipped with a starpool bio-sauna and turkish bath. At the very entrance of the apartment, on the left side there is a small toilet and on the right we have a wardrobe. Cocktail bar, refrigerator and illy coffee machine are in line with a wardrobe. Living and sleeping areas are visually connected by the “frame form” and separate by a wall that in the lower zone has a bio-fireplace while the upper zone has tv’s on both sides. Behind a headboard is a carved stone application as well as behide sofa in the living area that offers a unique details. Bathroom with black and white marble, diffuse light, provides a complete elegance.
35 sqm
Room provides maximum comfort with its functionality and if we consider sweet steam smart shower cabin by starpool, that is within this room, then the pleasure is guaranteed. The bathroom is also equipped with quadrangular bathtub. The “frame form” dominates the bedroom with all the details that are characteristic for the concept. Floor covering is made in combination of marble and parquet. Wardrobe, illy cabinet, writting desk and armchair are located in the room.
25 sqm
Room designed with the same concet in order to maintain comfort and elegance also in a smaller space.



Sofa 200x105x70 cm, structure of solid wood, leather upholstered seating and backrest parts, with double stitching.
Armchairs 80x80x70 cm, structure of solid wood, leather upholstered seating and backrest parts, with double stitching.
Pouf 80x80x40 cm, structure of solid wood, leather and fabric upholstered seating, with double stitching.
Low Co­ffee tables, B&B Italia-Fat Fat, Ø92x39 cm/Ø62x32 cm, black painted steel sheet top and support frame.
Writing desk, 120x60x75 cm made of high glossy MDF and support frame in black chrome.
Chair 50x54x75 cm, made of solid lacquered wood in high glossy finish.
Bio fireplace 280x70x250 cm, black coloured glass lined with wooden slats.
Cocktail Cabinet 120x60x250 cm, black coloured glass with built-in lights, refrigerator and Illy coff­ee maker.
Diesel with Foscarini Pendant lamp Ø40x70/170 cm, made from lacquered or metallized sandblasted blown glass, coated steel and chrome metal.
PoradaFloor lamp
Ø50x157 cm, and Pileo, black chrome legs and tin-plated shade.
Table lamp Ø30x50 cm, 3 balck painted steel circle which emit light from the inner parts

Bed 200x220x45 cm with upholstered headboard H 75 cm, inner structure of solid wood and antique black leather upholstery.
Bedside table Ø55x35, structure of solid wood, white leather upholstery.
Wardrobe 110x60x250 cm, black coloured glass lined with wooden slats.
Wall covering 285x15x120 cm, plaster wall painted in black, a niche with a carved stone applications.
Pendant lamp Ø40x70/170 cm, 3 black painted steel circles releasing light from the inner parts.
Table lamp Ø30x50 cm, 3 black painted steel circles releasing light from the inner parts.
Porada Floor lamp Ø50x157 cm  Pileo, black chrome legs and tin-plated shade.

Sauna 150x150x230 cm Starpool Sauna with inner parts of natural wood and tempered plate glass door.
Turkish bath 176x150x230 cm with inner parts in Carrara marble, emotional shower and chromatherapy.
Washbasin made of white marble.
Bathtub Pibamarmi - Escavo Ø140x46 cm made of white marble.
Bathroom fixtures (water closet and bidet).
Pendant lamp Vibia, Slim Ø4x60/260 cm, black carbon fiber and chrome canopy.