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Room à porter is the hotel contract section of Rossato furniture. We introduce furnishing hotels furniture (rooms, bathrooms, halls and common areas for hotels and resorts) developed by architects and designers known worldwide and tailor-made by Rossato Arredamenti. We focus our work on hotels furniture, resorts and businesses area, working side by side with our rewarded suppliers and designers to offer hotels our best. Come visit our realizations for Hotel contract and be inspired by our taylor-made hotel furniture.

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A boutique where to pick from numerous solutions of hotel furniture: this is Room à Porter. The collection foresees different styles: ranging from classic rooms to modern rooms, with an eye to comfort and elegance. In its hotel contract section, besides supplying any kind of hotels furniture, Rossato serves also as a General Contractor. Besides furnitures, we can supply every kind of upholstery, textiles, lightings, floorings and frameworks. We work side by side with main suppliers and designers, to offer you the best and most unique style for your businesses. A full service: from detailed drawings of rooms and common areas to furnishings installation until job completion. Choosing one of our proposals means having a designer and a qualified technician assisting you all the way through (it might be a brand new hotel project or just a refurbishment/restyling of already existing hotels and resorts). We can handle worldwide turnkey basis installations and we can guarantee our supervision through all the phases, from site survey to completion. Be thrilled and discover our collections.
Yes, here you can find best luxury furniture for resorts and hotels!
Luxury furniture like beds, cabinets, chairs, sofa tables.. every kind of furniture for hotels, but only hig-end products.
We work all around world, with a lot of certified suppliers like architect and designer.
Only top suppliers to design hotel or resorts interior: modern furniture for hotels, an incomparably unique touch of elegance.

Not only furniture: from complete restyling projects to individual private suites or resorts, our team is pleased to commit itself to make every customers’ wish come true: we ar suppliers of high-end hotel and resorts furniture.

Our Project Managers focus completely on customers' expectations, to make lustful, sober or opulent Hotel’s Halls, Resorts Rooms and Suites.

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