Classic elegance for a first-class hospitality
Architetture&Interni is a Studio founded by interior designer Kate Axelsson and architect Cosimo Sasaniello. With over 12 years experience in luxury business, private residences as well as public high level projects, we have  so far, developed projects in Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, France, Middle East and China.

We can manage any project: from private apartments to big villas, from restaurants to lounges, showrooms, exclusive boutiques and hotels. Property construction starting from scratch, as well as full renovation or  just a refurbishment of any single area of the whole property. 
By working alongside the client and completely involving them in the development of the project we create a relation that is fundamental for us to be able to interpret each client and their dreams, requests and necessities and transmit this into the project and reach a successful result. 
Each project is unique and is specially tailor made for each client.

Sleek design meets absolute comfort
ASZarchitetti is an italian architectural firm, established in 1998 in florence, under the leadership of architect Andrea Sensoli, who started his career upon graduation with architect Pierluigi Spadolini and after being apprenticed at studio Archea and Claudio Nardi.
Since the very beginning, ASZ work ranges from experimental design to building remodelings, up to stable partnerships with prime international brands in the luxury retail field.
Throughout the years, ASZ’s attitude to work in new markets and different cultures brings at four offices, Florence, Milan, Dubai and Shanghai which cooperate besides an engineering consultants network, throughout Europe and Asia.
Our global approach includes design for industrial products, interior design and luxury retail, up to larger scale projects and master-plans.
The idea to design a classical- eclectic ambience
Bruno Polliero, Interior Designer and Architect, works in Italy and abroad for private and public customers.
He contributed to many hotels and luxury resorts renovations, plus restorations of historical buildings, palaces and prestigious mansions that, in the past, accomodated eminent and illustrious personalities (such as Giovanni Borromeo, Napoleon Bonaparte and Richard Wagner). His work has been vividly portrayed in the most prominent specialized magazines. In 1982 he started a partnership with the famous French stylist Pierre Balmain, and this permitted him to conceive a collection of home accessories and furniture that not only increased the italian design’s numbers, but linked fashion and interior design.

From 1996, when he was engaged by an important Croatian hotel group, in cooperation with the Croatian State, he follows the restoration of historical hotels belonging to the Austro-Hungarian times, with the aim to carry over their ancient magnificence. To deeply satisfy his customers’ needs, the interior architect extended, in the last years, his own range planning to fitness centers and spas.
Refined ease, in its essential form
Born in 1970, he started his activity in architecture well before completing his university studies as he collaborated with the renovation of historical buildings and some professional offices.
He graduated with full marks in Architecture in Venice in 2002 and has been an independent contractor since 2003 in Padua.
He designs with a sober and minimal style: the purity of forms, emptiness, easy forms, empty spaces, light, alignments and rightness of measures, itineraries and downtimes areas. He cares for details that he intends as being a juxtaposition between elements, even the smallest ones, and he always avoids ornaments.
He performs his job as a craftsman as he personally takes care of the invention and the drawing of the project in every single part.
He has designed, built and furnished different types of buildings of different sizes such as homes, production spaces and offices for direct clients.
He admits that he has been lucky to meet clients who have allowed him to express himself freely. That is why he is aware that a close collaboration with the clients is essential for the success of a project.
The material language of the contemporary luxury
Diego Peruzzo, Italian architect, works as a private designer and restorer. In 1989 he was one of the finalists of the “Andrea Palladio” award of architecture and in 1996 and 2002 he took part to the “Biennale di Architettura di Venezia”. Since the beginning of his career he has been working on the dialogue between interior and exterior spaces. Connecting the inside with the outside (both green and urban landscape), the aim is achieving a structural and stylistic continuity to give life to harmonious buildings through the language of the modern masters, founders of the renewed art of architecture. 
For this project, he cooperates with Elena Castellani and Azzurra di Gregorio, young interior & graphic designers, to combine his long lasting expertise with a fresh taste for innovative materials and design to inspect the new spaces between the modern and the classic. Two years ago, Azzurra and Elena decided to work together and now they are developing their own idea of interior design; their project is about the concept of taste, rather than the concept of scientific harmony. They believe that beauty, because of what we can discover through the experience of it, is not useless: people can build a place where design and arts meet the pragmatic to discover a new sense of spirituality, not for a hedonistic aim, but to better connect and relate with the world.
Glamour for a luxury style
Milan based Fase Modus Architettura covers corporate architecture, retail, residential and urban planning in every architectural aspect. 

With deep Italian roots, Fase Modus consists of a team of multitasking and complementary professionals with co-workers in Europe, the US and South America. 

The real strength of Fase Modus lays in the multidisciplinary competencies of its people, making it a real "general contractor" agency capable of offering design-build solutions, with particular attention to details and timings on every single aspect of each project. 
Fase Modus relies on a well-established network of professionals offering complete consulting services from projects early stages until the construction itself. 
Refined modern heritage for contemporary living
Federico Peri is an interior and product design studio based in Milan and Treviso. 
The project ranges from retail concept, commercial and private space to product design.
He begins his work in Paris where he moves thanks to a scholarship and that’s the period where he starts to consolidate his own design philosophy - The synergy between the past and present is a direct link to how the studio defines his main interest within the creative fields as a dialogue between classical and contemporary.
He cooperates with international brands as well with fashion brands conceiving concepts that are intimately connected to their function and individual context in order to define a strong project of brand identity.
In 2014 he was selected by Ventura Lambrate project (Milan) and Operae (Turin) to exhibit his furniture project. The result of these design events were publications and rewards.
During year 2014 he was awarded by AD Germany for the best furniture.
Contemporary style for hospitality
It is a multidisciplinary design and communication studio founded by architects Alberto Bovo and Sandro Manente. Right from the start, it was the vocation for design that inspired choices and guided development.
The interpretation of design as an omnipresent, pervasive dimension of each and every item, be it architectonic, material or digital, has led them to experiment, crossing-over into the territory of graphics, industrial design, interior and web architecture and multimedia design, in a constant evolution of experiences. And yet within this path, a single thought and form has gradually taken shape, becoming the studio’s true stylistic signature. Languages and supports may change, but the coherence of a rigorous, indeed necessary, consistent, lasting sign remains.
Hangar Design Group is today an international network with a staff of more than forty among brand strategists, graphic and industrial designers, architects, web and multimedia developers, operating in Treviso, Milan, New York, Shanghai.
Contemporary style for hospitality
She was born in Auronzo di Cadore in 1956; she lives and works in Padua, but keeps on perceiving herself as a mountaineer. After the Diploma as a fashion designer, she graduated in 1982 with merits in Architecture in Venice. Since 1975, she has collaborated with various engineering and architectural firms, participating in projects, creations, competitions of architecture, urban planning and graphics.

Since 1988, she conducts her independent professional activities, still collaborating on particularly qualified experiences for the city of Padua (design of University College San Massimo with arch. Boris Podrecca from Wien, 1988-89; functional redevelopment of the plant Pedrocchi with arch. Umberto Riva, 1994-99; redevelopment and restoration of the Foro Boario in Prato della Valle, 2009-13). She has specialized with her team in the field of restoration and renovation. In parallel with this activity, she has maintained and deepened her study and research on issues relating to the history of modern architecture, collaborating in publications, exhibitions, conferences. She wanted to deal with architecture even as a child.

Collaborator in the project: arch. Federica Renna. 
A style, a story, for a contemporary urban vision
Momodesign was founded in 1981, as MOMO's Style Centre, specialized in research and development, on the initiative of Marco Cattaneo, Managing Director of the Group since 1975 . At the end of the 1990s, MOMODESIGN became a brand and an independent company. Today, the Managing Director Paolo Cattaneo, continues the family tradition, making MOMODESIGN into a life style brand that is recognized all over the world as an ambassador for design, technology and Italian style.
The Style Centre is the creative pillar of the company. Its creativity and eclecticism have enabled the brand to understand and anticipate market trends, and it stands out with its unique and unmistakable style, which is simple, tactile, assertive and tied to the tradition of Italian design.

Simplicity is the dictat to achieve the supreme formal and stylistic sophistication.  From its early years right up to the present day, the style centre has built up its own unique design philosophy maintaining a close link with its past, where research into technological and high-performing materials began, and evolving it into modern and functional contemporary design.
From sketch to realization
Studio NACRT is a group of highly educated interior and furniture designers with rich experience, who specializes in 3d modeling, 3d visualization and designing of interiors as well as furniture. While designing, we particularly focus upon the role of details and in the same way of what can be used in terms of selected available materials.  We believe in the power of materials like stone, concrete, wood and glass, whose unique nature defines the entire space defying stereotypes. Timeless effect is also achieved by careful adjustments of lighting. It is one of the key aspects of a good project. We can convey the lighting by creating various light moods for every single area, according to the investor’s needs.

The years of experience and challenges have helped us to develop the proven methodology of designing. This implies a constant need for studying the relations between form and function. Free thinking and deep understanding of designing processes help us to create an interesting, bold and original concept.

Why do we appreciate simplicity? Because, Leonardo Da Vinci once said – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” We are minimalists who strongly believe in simple, but not necessarily easy solutions. We offer interior solutions for private houses and apartments, commercial spaces like stores, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels etc. We are able to provide a professional design solution, main project, 3d model, monitoring and conducting of the entire project. Our goal is to constantly improve our skills in the field of digital visualizations, in order to provide a high level of service in 3d industry showing your and our ideas as realistically as possible. 
(r)evolution of everyday spaces
WAU is a group of five young professionals dedicated to architecture, urban planning and design.

Born in 2013 in Turin, Wau is a place where designers and creative professionals work together with passion for a goal: to give form to ideas.

We always invent new solutions to make places where people live better, using creativity, passion and professionalism as tools to achieve best quality results.
Our work is focused on interior design, restoration and conservation, retail, architectural design up to large scale and general plan.